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  • Riddle me this….I have a 2018 Yamaha YXZ, couple weeks ago I was at Durham Town off-road park in Georgia, the car has always had a little bump steer but I have just learned to deal with it, during the ride my rear sway bar link broke so I finished riding the day without it and noticed I didn't have any bump steer, other than being a little rollie pollie it was actually enjoyable to drive the car lol! So question explain that please.

  • I come from an asphalt circle track background back background so a lot of this suspension geometry stuff is old news to me. However you guys break it down into a way that is so easy for so many people to understand and I greatly appreciate that. I constantly get asked questions about it that I cannot answer and I always tell them to watch you guys. I wish that I had the opportunity to sit down with a couple of UTVs and play with some of this kind of stuff with you guys I am sure you have thought of everything I have thought of but maybe I know or have some ideas.

  • justin, stay like YOU ARE ! i got your spring kit shipet to switzerland and it made a better car ! soon you have a destination in europe, let me know ! for racing the last inches adjustments become important and there mostely is knowledge is missing….