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Thank you for watching our video! Shock Therapy is a world-class suspension tuning and component company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We make original products right here in the USA and ship worldwide to all customers. Whether you are a casual owner or a racing enthusiast, Shock Therapy makes sure to place you FIRST. Purchase our sway bars, toe links, shocks, ride improvement systems, and more at

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  • My friend and I took our Honda Talons down on Monday from Colorado. Mine's a 4 seat LV, his is a 2 seat R. Got the works done, RIS and springs and front limit straps. Set them up for trail riding. Gained 2 inches of ground clearance. Went back home and took the wive out for a quick spin……"HOLY CRAPOLY"! She said! What an improvement! Rough ride, and chop and chatter….GONE! Just like they said it would be. It does lean more now, but not too bad. If I want to go fast, just put it in sport mode, stiffens up nicely! Do this before you do anything else to your machine! It's that good! 2 Thumbs, WAY UP!