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Every time your LV1 is deposited, you can get a 13% commission. When your LV2 is deposited, you can get a 5% commission. When your LV3 is deposited, you can get a 2% commission. For every 100trx deposited in your LV1, you can get a commission of 13trx. When your LV2 deposits 100trx, you can get 5trx, when your LV3 deposits 100trx, you can get 2trx commission. Bonuses can be withdrawn immediately, unlimited

Fund your basic account from 5TRX to 30000TRX and withdraw 3% every day.

Top up 30000TRX to 100000TRX, withdraw 3.5% daily.

Top up 100000TRX to 200000TRX, withdraw 4% daily.

Top up 200000 TRX to 500000 TRX, withdraw 5% every day

Recharge more than 1000000 TRX, withdraw 7% every day


The higher the deposit amount, the higher the rate of return
This is a long-term stable income





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