Download Suzuki SV650 Clutch & Water Pump Removal Process (How To Access & Remove Your SV Clutch Assembly) video & save it for offline view


In today’s video. I show you the simple process on how to remove your clutch and water pump cover to access and remove your clutch assembly on your Suzuki SV650. This process is pretty much the same on all Gen 1 & 2 (1999-2009) Suzuki SV650 models. In this video you I show you the step-by-step process on how to access your clutch assembly and I break down what tools you need to complete this job. I did forget to verbally mention in this video that you will need to drain your oil but I do have it written on screen. You will need to drain your oil and coolant during this process. So please be sure to have something to catch the old fluids and recycle them accordingly. Thank you for watching today’s video. If you enjoyed it or learned something new. Please give this video a THUMBS UP. Also, please SUBSCRIBE to the channel! We are about to hit 2,000 subscribers!!! Thank you all for the continued support. More SV650 and other motorsport related content is on the way!


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