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  • If you're running conventional oil in a gas engine with a cheap filter, you should probably be doing a 3,000 mi oil change. Conventional oil with a good filter and maybe 3500-4000miles. Blend oil with a good filler 4500-5000 MI Synthetic oil with a good filter on a naturally aspirated motor with limited or no oil consumption 5500/6500 miles. Synthetic oil and a PREMIUM filter on a forced induction motor no more than 5000 miles will little to no oil consumption.

  • Great video Rich. I think alot of people will find this useful. I've always changed my own oil in my cars and have been doing this for over 20 years. Saved me alot of $.

  • Love your doing the coolant and antifreeze videos for dummies I'm just kidding there are a lot of people that want to do it themselves but don't no how to great you put videos out there to show that anyone can do it and it's not hard and they can save themselves some money keep up the good videos

  • What to think about the wix filter just changed my oil probably won't see a difference I use high quality oil filters all the time the first time I used wix what do you think of them

  • Because of your oil studies I’ve switch to penzoil ultra platinum and boss oil filters for my kids escapes. On my F-150 I still take it to the Quick Lube because I still have Ford points to use up. Still waiting for your results on your Amsoil test when it comes time to change your oil on your Lincoln. Better then the penzoil? We’ll see.

  • I like doing my own oil changes simpley fact being many smaller places even smaller dealer ships not saying Ford but others wont stock the correct viscosity of oil they rather use what viscosity or synthetic grade they curently have for example your engine takes 0w20 well they only carry 5w20 or 30 beleive me when i tell you this. most dealers buy there oil in bulk and if they have no room in the back for storage for all specific viscosity's of engine oil guess what? your newer engine is getting what

    they have in the back and put in. and they will even go as far as lieng on paper they put in correct viscosity when in fact & all reality its not true. many shop dealers only carry what they can with the room they have. dont expect all dealerships to carry every single viscosiity grade of oil in there shop especially if space is not available. lol that's why i do my own oil & filter changes.

  • I changed my oil but when I put the 4 jugs in it wasn't even close to full. I had to add 8 more jugs to get it filled all the way up. I bet my Toyota has one of these oil sticks and I probably put too much in.

  • How do you keep your engine bay so clean ?
    I suggest one of these days, you show us how to clean the engine and engine bay, what to do and even more important what no to do.
    Thank you very much Rich, for the time you spend in explaining things carefully and clearly and not assuming that everybody should know this or that.
    I always do my oil changes, and have done for years. I have a 2008 F150 3.4L 3v (yes the infamous engine) and use 5W30 Penzoil ultra synthetic. In the past on other vehicles I used Amsoil. I like both.
    I use Wick filters.

  • I’ve been doing this for years after a bad experience with a quick lube place. You have to invest just a small bit of money in a funnel, wheel chock and some drive up ramps (take your time and be careful). Tools are going to be specific for your car, but universal oil filter wrenches will likely work and a specific wrench or ratchet and socket of correct diameter. Just google it You can do this job on the street. No worries. Just take your time and research your car. Oh, rags. You need rags and a flashlight Rags. Ehh. I just cut up old t-shirts etc. It’s also important to use that funnel to capture the old oil in the used jug and run it over to parts store and they will ♻️ it for you. Be safe.

  • I have a 94 Mark VIII 74k miles 4,6 32 valve summer only car it does set outside all winter, what is best oil to use
    FYI it clatters on start but does quite quickly
    Thank You your videos

  • I've changed my own oil all of my life. I learned how to do it properly on my first job, at a Shell station, in 1969. One thing my boss always said to do is immediately after start up, get out of the car and check for leaks. Wrong filter, double gasket, etc will cause a leak. If you go down the road leaking…hoo boy! Your videos are always informative and if I don't learn something new, at least I am able to refresh my knowledge. Thanks for the information, no matter how basic, always good to be reminded how to do things correctly.

  • All my other f250s had a transmission dipstick. However my 2019 doesn't after looking for 20 minutes of searching alls I see is like a plug screwed into dipstick hole how the heck am I supposed to check it. Really a bad idea if I had a small leak which it only has 9k miles on it. Is there like a mini dip stick on the plug looks like a 13 or 15mm plug threaded in there. I looked in my owner's manual says nothing about checking it I know GM did that on some front wheel drives which was a pain as a tech.

  • VW recommend 5W-40 for my vehicle. I'm using Mannol engine oil and a MANN filter. Hoping to try AMSOIL, Ravenol or Shell Helix oil one day. Great video and solid advice. Thank you.