Download Nissan Leaf 40kWh beginner's quick start guide on how to use and operate your new electric vehicle video & save it for offline view


This video is intended for new owners of a (used) Nissan Leaf 40kWh (or 62kWh) electric vehicle, to show them the basics on how to operate and use their new EV. At 37 mins long, not really a quick guide, but it covers what you’ll need to know.

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00:00 Video introduction
00:46 Keys & locking
01:14 Starting
02:18 Gear selector
03:35 Handbrake
05:46 Reversing
06:35 Dashboard
09:19 How to drive efficiently
11:52 Regen braking
14:20 e-Pedal
17:40 ECO mode
20:50 Heating
22:40 Pre-conditioning
25:35 Charging timer
25:56 Charging
31:30 Range
35:56 Exiting the vehicle
36:45 End credits

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