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My friend’s car was stolen recently, and the stats show that car thefts are rising in the UK, so I wanted to give some practical advice on how to prevent your car from being stolen, with some real advice from someone that has experienced it first hand!

I hope you find the video useful!

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Introduction: 00:00
Car theft stats in the UK: 01:18
Brad’s story: 03:14
Brad’s initial learnings: 03:49
Advice from Brad & research: 04:43
Stats on cars stolen from homes: 07:06
Further advice on how to prevent theft: 07:32
Final advice from Brad: 08:17
Close: 08:47

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  • Unlucky for Brad about his M2, hope he manages to get it back, his situation was very unfortunate.
    I also recall that Spark Plug Steve, though he was on holiday at the time, almost had his Fiesta ST stolen (it was a salvage one which he did up and sold, not the Fiesta ST-3 he's known for) but he was saved because he had displaced the OBD port and the thieves weren't able to find it – something he had forgotten he'd done. So maybe to prevent your car from being stolen while it's parked, moving the OBD port could definitely save you like it did Steve!

  • Some more interesting stats on this. All of the below are from UK Gov stats and for the year Apr-19 to Mar-20:

    – 14% of thefts from cars involved just opening an already-unlocked door. Presumably includes people like Brad who were still in the car. 47% of thefts of stuff from cars (rather than the cars themselves) were due to unlocked doors.
    – 36% manipulated the signal – keys in a metal tin seems sensible then.
    – The returned to owner/not returned % only relates to 68 of 81 incidents, does that mean 28% were taken for a joyride and then the thieves returned the car and that's out of 68 found, suggesting the other 13 weren't found. Not sure how to read that one.
    – The government reports data on how upset people were by having their car stolen. 12% of people didn't care. Those people are clearly monsters.
    – 8% of people don't think car theft is a crime. Incidentally that's roughly the same % of people that own BMWs…

    Definitely an interesting video and one that's hopefully helpful for a lot of people. Not sure if the stats are readily available but it'd be interesting to know more detail like the relative risk in cities/towns/countryside and that sort of thing. Could even do a "top 5 least likely cars to get stolen for under £" video! ☺

  • Nasty wastemen….. I know it's not exactly right but I keep a flick out batton in the car for this very reason. The police will tell me I'm a criminal but worth the risk.

  • That's really damn sad, man. And the fact that the on board BMW tracking device was taken down suggests these thieves aren't no rookies. And what's even more sad is that car theft really is a low priority for police, doubt they'd be much help for the poor guy

  • Funnily enough I was looking at tracking devices yesterday and this popped up today. My uncle sadly had this happen to him. Was walking back to his car late evening after seeing his brother before a group of men took him out his car just when he sat in it before they took it. Makes my blood boil there's scum out there