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At the beginning of this best new comedy video a funny big boy was taking pictures with his son Danish on the phone using funny poses. Then a seller of food passes by. On which the son of a funny big boy insists on eating something by comedy acts so try not to laugh by watching this amazing funny video. On which funny big boy steals some packets with scissors the seller does not know it. Then both father and son sat down and started eating food. They were very happy. Then the seller comes and beats the thief big boy. In the next scene Danish asks the Ansar mini tractor driver to drive the tractor who doesn’t allow him upon this Danish throws water at him hahaha so try not to laugh. Then the three comedians get together to play. When they climb on a tanga a dinosaur comes up behind them and this is how the video ends. This is really the top new comedy video 2021. Thanks for watching like and subscribe to my video.

My video has not any kind of risk. Videos we made are just for recreational purposes and we don’t do any kind of stunts which can harm anybody and we never support anyone to do such acts which are harmful to them.

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