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  • Back when I was an apprentice, I had a 10-15 min walk to the Chevy work van from condo. When it was -35 Celsius I would clean off the van, get in and just hold it to the floor till she warmed up, rev limiter was around 4K. Old 5.3 looked like a diesel out the exhaust. I treat my work stuff much better these days, let it warm up every day with remote start.

  • I had a 96 grand marquis that I would routinely idle 15-20 minutes. To get it fully warmed up and melted off. Also idled it in the summer plenty A/C running. 15 years later, Head gasket failure at 320k. Really great engines if they’re maintained and routinely driven.

  • I let my gas motors warm up until I see the coolant needle has moved quarter way to warmed up and my 7.3 diesel until the exhaust losses that strong cold diesel smell. But I climb a mile long step hill and want the expansion mostly over with before the climb.

  • My 2004 honda odyssey instantly revs up to 2000 rpm when its cold. Then backs off to 1200. Scares the crap out of me. Maybe I should touch the accel pedal when starting so it doesn't rev so high?

  • Have others on here lived in cold arctic environments where the vehicles are plugged in and have up to 4 different heaters on them so they’ll start when left outdoors? Block heater, battery heater, external oil pan heater and external transmission pan heater? My former Ford dealer in northern Canada offered that engine heater package when selling new vehicles. Temperatures can easily be -50 or colder in the mornings, you release the brake pedal while driving in those temperatures and there’s a several second lag time before the brakes slowly release due to the extreme cold. You start driving in the mornings and the tires have frozen flat spots on the bottoms so you thump, thump, thump your way down the road a bit before the flat spots round out again. That is my idea of cold weather starts and I don’t miss it at all.

  • Some newer cars that are using 0w-20 warm up alot quicker than Older vehicles i guess due to the Thermostat type and Tighter Tolerances? I mean my '09 Charger takes 6 to 10 Mins atleast in the Cold, 2018 Chevy Equinox gets "warm" but not "operating" Temperature in 3 to 4 Mins Max

  • I like to let it idle down some before I go also. I always think about putting it in gear when it's idling high, probably not good on your u-joints and motor mounts. Probably worse on old cars that really idle high when they are cold.

  • I live in CA, where I'm a teacher, and when working in the winters it is about 39* in the morning. I start my 2018 6.2lt sierra and drive it slowly on the street after letting it idle for 30 sec or so as I'm always running late. I drive about 1.5 miles before getting on the freeway where traffic move no faster than 45 -50mph. The gage still reads relatively cold – am I doing damage to the motor? I guess I should use the remote start.

  • My 04 mgm doesn't have a tachometer i just let the idle come down and drive slower when its supper cold to warm It up slowly I got 150,000 miles and she runs like new

  • Sucks I live just off the highway, and live in the sticks, so highway is the road taken to get to work. I drive slower to the highway on cold days, and slowly accel up to speed limit on the highway, sometimes, it feels so wrong going so slow on the road. Trans doesn't shift well, cause it's cold too. Cold sucks! You however can mod the car to have a space heater on the rear seat/armrest wired to the house (much like your block heater). Keeps the car above freezing, works very well to keep the vehicle comfy. Our old Edge had this, and did it on our new one before the cold arrived. Routed house wire (nice thick 14g wire) from a grommet behind the rear bench, under the car, put a heat shield sleeve on it near the exhaust, and routed it out the trailer hitch. Hitch came with a thick rubber cover, so when we are driving, it's closed keeping the salty snow out. Space heaters in vehicles is great when climates get nasty cold.

  • I don’t get it. Folks say modern cars get in start and go. I got an old 328i (please don’t hate I like em). It won’t calm down for at least 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the wife jumps in her ‘17 explorer and goes.

  • Also, regular oil changes are paramount. Modern engines are designed and manufactured to deal with super tight tolerances and compensate for expansion and whatnot, but all of it means nothing if there's cruft accumulated into your oil that abrades all of the important moving parts. Even if your oil is just low, put some in there! When it's dirty then change it! Anything is better than doing nothing.

  • Thanks for all the great videos you do . I have 413,000 miles in a 2008 stock ford focus here. I try to never drive on a trip less than getting the engine to operating temperature. I go no more than 2000 rpm in first gear then normal acceleration all other gears almost every time (automatic trans). I also send out for engine oil analysis every change (8000 mi). I also keep a log for the car. If you ever want to do a video on this let me know.

  • Thats exactly how Ive always done it. I wait for the fast idle to come down and stabilize. I still take it easy though, I want the tranny fluid to warm up as well. Never damaged an engine yet.