Download HOW TO USE AMAZON ALEXA IN MAHINDRA XUV700 | DIY | TUTORIAL | 2021 | AUTOWORLD JAIPUR video & save it for offline view


Jojo Wheelie

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  • Bhai , you are doing a great job . Most informative videos on xuv700 . Can you also make a video on AX7 manual telling which ADAS features will be available on manual variant compared to automatic variant . Lots of customers have confusion on the ADAS differences between auto and manual

  • HI . Can you also ask for sports scores like Tell me the IPL Match score , Tell me score for English premier league . Also , Can you ask for the latest news update in car ?

  • Bhai , u r doing a great job! I had a question…can we change the wake word to "XUV" from "Alexa" in car?

    I also had a video request : Can you please make a video on all accessories and thier prices?