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Leaving old layers of wax, sealant, and contamination on paintwork ruins fresh car details and clogs buffing and polishing pads. Fresh wax, clear bras, vinyl wraps, and decals stick better directly to paint, not old wax. Clean Slate releases old layers of wax, sealant, and glaze, leaving behind a truly clean surface for most effective claying and polishing and longest lasting protection.
Things like paint overspray, brake dust, pollution, and industrial contamination land on the paintwork and get stuck in the tiny pores of the surface. The clay bar works by grabbing onto any contamination that sticks onto the surface of your vehicle, then pulls it out as you rub the clay across the paintwork, restoring a smooth-to-the-touch surface primed for polishing, or a pristine coat of wax or sealant. The OG Clay Bar is like a spa day for your car: when glided over paintwork, the bar pulls any embedded pollution, fallout, rail dust, brake dust, overspray, and stubborn contamination out from the pores of the surface. Restore a mirror-like shine by using a TORQ 15DA. Equipped with a versatile 5” backing plate, the 15DA comes ready-to-use to use for rapid paint correction no matter the size job. Ultra-fine abrasives used in P4 are specially developed for all paints including ceramic coated vehicles to remove microscopic amounts of paint quickly and leave the paint incredibly glossy, shiny, and haze-free. Once desired level of shine has been achieved, it is important to protect the finish and repel future damage. Traditional waxes only last a couple months at a time. Chemical Guys developed JetSeal for the aerospace industry, which demanded strong protection for jet airplanes flying in extreme hot and cold temperatures. A coat of JetSeal helps repel pollution and contamination, enhance a brilliant shine, and preserve a smooth finish for up to one-year.

➜ Clean Slate:

➜ Mr. Pink Auto Wash:

➜ Dirt Trap Bucket Insert:

➜ TORQ Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon:

➜ ProBlow Air Dryer:

➜ OG Clay Bar & Luber:

➜ TORQ 15DA Polisher:

➜ P4 Precision Paint Polish:

➜ JetSeal Paint Protectant:

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