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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year when we head to see loved ones, friends, and family for the Holidays. And with COVID-19 still holding on to parts of the world, many people are opting to drive instead of fly.

But if this is your first year driving an electric car to your family for the Holidays, it might be a little daunting.

Here’s our easy-peasy guide to making the trip – and dealing with family members who might not be quite so pro-EV.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Bob Blake, Executive director at Native Sun Community Power Development as we focus on the work being done to make electric vehicles accessible to 11 different tribal nations from Minneapolis to the Red Lake Nation, North and South Dakota.

00:00 – Like, Comment, Subscribe!
00:29 – Making Your First Trip by EV for the Holidays
01:17 – Sponsored Segment – Energy Sage
02:20 – Route Planning
05:26 – Etiquette at EV charging stations
07:49 – What Happens When You Arrive?
09:43 – Discussing EVs
11:37 – Nothing Beats Butts In Seats!
12:10 – Thanks, and Goodbye!
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