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1)Session1 Ac Refrigerant-134A For Beginners Vehicle Ac Into Direction About Tools and Techniques Urdu

2)Session2 How To Use Ac Refrigerant 134A With Tools For Beginners Subscribe Mughal Auto Electrician

3)Session3 Why Use O Rings in Ac&Compresser Pipe Lines For Beginners Subscribe Mughal Auto Electrician

4)Session4 Why Use Compresser Oil 3GS+4GS In Ac Refrigerant Filling Time Apply For All Vehicle’s Urdu

5)Session5 How To Know Exact Quantity Gas Refilling All Vehicle❓Why Use Good Quality Refrigerant R134A

6)Session6 Explain All Brand’s HiPressure Sensor Types & Oppreting Voltage❓How To Check Ac With Bypass

7)Session 7 Explain Manual Thermostate Installation & Adjust Compresser Tripping Automatic Easily ✔️

8)Bypass All Vehicle 3Pin HiPresure Sensor Easily✔️1st Time In YouTube History Mughal Auto Electrician

9)What Is Difference Between Led & 12v Manual Desi Tester…Explain By Mughal Auto Electrician Hindi

10)How To Make Led Tester Easily Working 3vTo24v Guidelines 2Led Blub+3K Risestor MughalAutoElectrician

11)Make Led Tester Dc Voltage 3To24 Utilize Truck Led’s Very Important video Spical Perdesi Bhaio k lye

12)Isuzu Reward Ac Cooling Problem Diagnose Fault 4Pin HiPressure Sensor❓How To Test Sensor & Bypass ✔️

13)Hyundai Sonata(Part1)How To Check 3Pin HiPresure Sensor Before filling Refrigerant Apply All Brand’s

14)Hyundai Sonata(Part2)Check 3PIN HiPressure Sensor With Inside Refrigerant❓ Via Digital Multimeter ✔️

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