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With the tax extension deadline approaching on October 15th we linked up with Mysherri Rhodes to talk trucking, financial planing, taxes and her Signature “GPS method” for scaling your trucking business to 7 figures.

Mysherri, along with her husband got into the trucking business around 2015 starting out with 2 trucks. The couple learned extremely fast the importance of money management and understanding your numbers as a trucking business losing 80k in the first few months of businesses.

Mysherri got her career start as a tax preparer working for liberty tax.
When her husband started their family trucking company he encouraged her to start helping other truckers with their taxes as he saw a need. In doing so, Mysherri realized there were many gaps and issues and trucking companies were mostly failing and not profitable.
This Is where Mysherri developed her passion for helping truckers and trucking companies with their book keeping, tax preparation and also helping them to identify red flags by taking a deeper look at the numbers.

Make sure you join us as we talk about
financial planning and the strategy that can help you take your trucking company to 7 figures.

Here is the information about the CFO Membership product:

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