Download How to roll your rally car and still bring home a trophy – Ojibwe Forests Rally 21 Recap video & save it for offline view


I’ll give you a hint: It’s best if one guy does the crashing and rolling, and the other guy does the trophy winning. Oh the joys of a 2-car team!

Bucky Lasek and Texas Dave take on the slick and wild stages of Minnesota’s Ojibwe Forests Rally in their Lasek Rallysport prepared Subarus.

Follow Dave put in some slightly too fast stage times driving without a co-driver and cheer on Bucky as he fights for the team’s first ever podium at their better-late-than-never season debut.

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Special thanks to MeLe Media and Dashman / David Cosseboom for the on-stage media, and Dan Colburn for the replacement windshield. Heart emojis.

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