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How to Replace Trans Am Antenna Mast (Plus New Top is On)

Parts Used
Antenna Mast
Whole Antenna(Didn’t Use but may work)
Used and other New options
Convertible Top and Parts

Tools Used
Screw Drivers
Center Punch
Shop Towels
Axle Grease

I am starting to do a few small fixes to the Convertible WS6 Trans Am. When I bought this thing I knew it needed some love and honestly, I really enjoy fixing little things and completely transforming all of my cars. The first week I had this car I ordered a replacement top and had my upholstery guy put it on. I love the look of the tan so decided to stick with that color. Just that made a huge improvement but we still have several things to do. In this video the power antenna mast was broken so I show you the process of replacing it. I will say I have never done this but it seemed like it would be cheaper than replacing the entire power antenna. If you take your time and keep track of all your parts, its not bad. I was kind of surprised it worked. If you are looking for a replacement or power antenna fix for your Trans Am or firebird, this is the process to replace.
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Video Equipment used to make this video(Need to update)
Gopro Hero 9
Gopro Hero 6 Black
Gopro Session
Video editing
Photo editing

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