Download How To Replace Rusted Rotted FloorPans in a Car Or Truck – Part 1 video & save it for offline view


Replacing floorpans is one of the most basic sheetmetal jobs there is and among the most common. … The nice thing about floorpan replacement is that it’s really not all that complicated-you disassemble what’s left of the original, trim and fit the new one, and reverse your disassembly procedure.
Here’s where we start with Part 1 on a 1967 Pontiac GTO cutting out the old rusted rotted floor pan and getting it ready for the new ones.
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  • Fighting rust is a bitch. Yet when you find someone who has the proper skills to fix it right. It just feels so good to have an automobile/truck back on the road. My deaf brother use to be a body and fender guy. He still has the skills too. I just wish I could get him to fix my '47 Ford truck lower corners. He's near retirement and does machinist work for a living. Hats off to you Pete. Thanks for sharing. I hope a few younger kids pick up on the trade.

  • Pete, you’re DIY is invaluable! Floor pan & seat brackets replacement, number 413, going back 36+ years. Everyones floor pan replacement is different but you show us the right way, thinking ahead, writing it down. In the past, when able, I also like the “Flanging Tool” as it ads structure and makes the panel fit flush. We thank you for the lessons today. And your merch is top notch for a 6’3” guy like me. I have a lot to give thanks for, but you & Minnie will be in that list! Thanks for sharing so much of your life’s journey. God bless both of you!

  • Very much agree with your views on only replace what you need. Can't believe some guys will replace a whole quarter panel with aftermarket crap, when there is a half dollar sized hole on the original panel. See alot of people getting excited just because they make it now doesn't mean you have to use it all. New metal as they like to call it does not always mean better.

  • A guy has replaced exterior metal in the past but I'm working on a 98 k1500 the ext cab part had severe rust I cut that out then the backer panel then cab reinforcement panel now I'm down to the floor and that has to be replaced I'm afraid once I cut that out and start rewelding all the new parts back in I won't be straight this is scaring me any advice