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Rust is a problem that EVERY car enthusiast will come across at some point during their restoration. In this video JD goes over the best ways to remove rust from metal!


Eastwood Rust Dissolver removes only the rust, and won’t eat-away at the metal itself. Leaves the newly de-rusted metal ready to paint, plate or powder-coat.

Gentle enough for engine parts
Removes about 5 sq. ft. of rust per quart
It will penetrate deep into the metal dissolving the rust in a few hours. Leaves metal ready to paint, plate or powder coat. So gentle, it’s suitable for engine parts and is harmless to copper, brass, aluminum, solder, lead, plastic, rubber, seals, wood, and vinyl. Will not remove sound paint.
Liquid rust Dissolver works as long as the surface is wet. Items that cannot be fully immersed due to size can be placed in the discharge stream of a commonly available small pump. One gallon de-rusts about 20 square feet of metal. The gel adheres to vertical surfaces and dissolves rust without having to submerse the metal in a tub or bucket. Ideal for quarter-panels, fenders and other vertical surfaces.

The Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Patent #D814,261 other Patents Pending is a ruggedly built tool designed for many years of service.

Heavy-Duty: Industrial construction with a powerful 9 amp motor and hardened spur metal gearbox.
Versatile: Strips paint, body fillers, rust and wood.
Value: Gives old metal surfaces a like-new finish
Fully adjustable RPM range from 1000-3700
Powerful 9 Amp double insulated motor
6 Speed position rotary knob
Includes one 4 inch wide by 4 inch diameter finishing drum
3 Year Warranty
Ready for any paint or rust stripping project, it features a drum guard enclosure and a rigidly mounted “D” handle for maximum safety. A high-torque, ball bearing supported motor and hardened spur gears provide smooth operation and long life. Speed is easily controlled with a 6 position rotary knob and ON/OFF trigger control.
The Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool is a powerful air tool that will effectively remove rust, paint, decals and more.

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Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right when you’re restoring a car, truck or motorcycle – from welders to paint and everything in between.

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