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  • I like the funnel. If I lose my hearing aid, I can put that too my ear whenever someone speaks, 😉

    You likely find a few systems that a DIY has filled with concentrated coolant and TAP water. It would be good to show us the mess that makes. Also, explain what happens when the coolant does boil or steam off; YIKES! Nice presentation!

  • This multiple types of coolants has gotten out of hand! Having this many types only drives up costs and doesn't benefit anyone except the suppliers. It never used to be this way. Imagine if every car manufacturer had a specific type of gas for their cars. There would be a couple dozen different pumps at the station.

  • Notice Toyota isn't on any of those jugs? I don't know what is so special about Toyota's antifreeze but there are few approved aftermarket brands that include Toyota. BUT Toyota has plenty of their brand for sale at the their parts counter.

  • Great 👍 video sir. I think 🤔 people fail to understand the importance of using the correct coolant. I remember in the late 90’s/early 2000’s people would put the wrong coolant in their GM vehicles 🚗. And it would turn the coolant system into to a brown almost rusty looking 👀 mess.

  • Lots of good tip’s shared. When you drain your coolant to replace say after 60k miles is it ok to just drain at radiator petcock, refill as needed, and then burp air from system ? I have seen some people recommending fill and flush with water a few times and then add coolant.

  • i have an 02 4.6, when i was researching it, they changed some things midway through the first year, the coolant and valve cover gaskets among other things i suppose. i have one made earlier in the year, and use green, but i think the later ones use gold? my tacoma uses pink

  • There is 2 mixes you can get

    Concentrate and 50/50 Prediluted

    Concentrate – 1 gal will make 2 gallons because you should mix water with – distilled water is the propper way but some have used tap water with no issues but the manufacturer calls for Distilled water

    The gallons that say 50/50 mix are already mixed propper and are ready to pour