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In this video we show you, that all BMW motorbikes with the 6.5” TFT display offer great connectivity features. To listen to music, make phone calls or use navigation with the BMW Motorrad Connected App, your smartphone needs to be connected to your BMW motorcycle. Before doing so, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and open the Bluetooth settings menu on your smartphone so that it is discoverable. Back to your bike: Enter Menu view, open “Settings”, scroll to “Connections” and select it. Select “Mobile device” by tilting the Multi-Controller right. Choose “Pair new mobile device” – and select your smartphone. Follow the instructions on the TFT display. Check if the code matches, confirm on the TFT display and click ‘Pair’ on your smartphone. For the best possible experience, allow notifications and the synchronization of your phonebook. When opening the Connected app, you’ll see that your bike is connected and that the “14 days trial period” banner is gone. Additionally, speed limit Info is shown – indicating that the app is providing map based speed limit information in the background.
A Bluetooh in-helmet communication system needs to be connected to your motorcycle, if you want to listen to music in your helmet, or make phone calls. You can pair your helmet just like your smartphone. For further instructions please check the manual of your in- helmet communication system.

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