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What?! NO Drilling Holes in the RV roof? Is it strong enough? I’ll show you how I installed these very large solar panels on the RV roof. BONUS: How to save lots of money by buying used solar panels.

00:00 RV Solar Panel Installation
00:50 Should You Buy Used Solar Panels?
02:35 How to test solar panels?
07:05 Planning my solar panel layout on the RV roof
08:20 How to Remove Satellite and TV antenna from RV
13:34 How to create a Unistrut Strut Channel Track Solar Panel Mount
16:54 How to mount solar panels on RV without drilling holes in the roof

We’re upgrading our 2003 Winnebago Adventurer Class A Motorhome with the ultimate Off-Grid Solar and Lithium system. SUBSCRIBE here to follow along:

PARTS/EQUIPMENT MENTIONED IN VIDEO (affiliate links – see affiliate disclosure below)
Where to Buy Used Solar Panels (Santan Solar):
Rivet Nut Tool:
1/4 x 20 Rivet Nuts:
WAGO Wire Connectors:
A good Large Display Multimeter:

[Still working on this, Check back for a link to more details, diagrams and equipment lists…]



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  • Question, what are you using to plug the antenna hole on the inside ceiling. I just removed the same antennas and I’m looking for a pretty solution to the inside holes. Thank you in advance for any ideas 😀

  • For those wondering: Not all VHB tape is alike so in ordering one make sure you are getting strongest sheer strength VHB. I use 5952 on my installs.

    Silkaflex is a type of glue. Think Liquid Nails on steroids. Basically make sure you are ordering the right one because there are a bunch.

    Also this type of mounting is only available in certain scenarios. Make sure you are not VHBing like that to a TPO or UPDM roofs. You can use VHB (which is what I do on my installs but I would highly advise to screw in, use dicor, eternabond and the whole kabooze.

    Word of advise on installing panels so low to roof… MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WIRES ARE PULLED OUT FROM UNDERNEATH THE PANEL. Do not ask me how I know… I learned that the painful way.

    I have read a few comments posted here asking about weight. If you are installing this sort of stuff on a motorhome… honestly weight is negligible. If you are installing this on a travel trailer or 5th wheel, I would be concerned about tongue weight or pin weight so in doing these types of modifications keep that in mind.

    And lastly… if you are going to be doing this… regardless of how big your solar array is… be sure to do it right the first time. Nothing sucks more than screwing it up so spend a few more dollars to get the right parts for your project.

    I just upgraded my 1000w to 1500w and also to battleborns. Now I am in middle of installing a mini split ac on my class c rv.

    Looking forward to seeing rest of your build and class a modifications.

  • I've done similar with the unistrut. If I did it again, I would get the version of unistrut without the slots in the base.
    I also chamfered the ends of the unistrut which looks nice, but next time, I'd probably 3d print a chamfer end cap and leave the unistrut itself square cut.

  • Another advantage is quite a bit of sunshade with those large panels, too.
    I find these videos from you and MS Tito very well done. You use properties, work clean, concise instruction, and a nice work relationship, too.

  • 👍 QUESTION: Are you a professional solar pannel guy, because you made all that work look easy? 🤔 I'm preparing to go full-time RV soon… Just purchased a 2022 Ford F-250 XLT, and will be getting a used fifth wheel soon. Please keep the videos coming! 💰

  • You're so talented!!! I don't have all those tools but I did get some ideas on how to maybe reinstall my flex solar panels on my fiberglass roof w/o drilling. The tape I used did not hold up to heat or wind for the first into panel.

  • Great to see something different when it comes to solar panels, very unusual to see such large panels on an RV (not that there’s anything wrong with it). As for the mounting galvanized steel channels, I’m sure you noticed that many are using the aluminum 80-20 system to mount roof solar, I wander what are your thoughts on how the two methods compare.