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We’ve finally made it back to Florida. The twin turbo Delorean and the dual Tesla Swapped Squarebody made it safely to the shop. But before we dive back into getting the EV C10 or the DMC12 ripping burnouts we have to turn out this quick LS swap on our friend Jason’s 1970 Chevelle! We’re taking out his stock big block and putting in a Texas Speed built LS3. This cammed LS is going to be putting down around 525 horsepower once it’s bolted into Jason’s Chevy. We couldn’t just swap the motor though, so we’re taking this Chevelle from automatic to manual by putting in a brand new Tremec transmission. While we’re under the car, we are pulling out the rusted stock gas tank, and putting in a fuel tank from Rick’s Fuel Cells. Before pulling the truck down from the lift, we mock up, cut down and weld in a Hooker Exhaust to make sure this muscle car sounds as good as it performs. When the last bead has been laid on the pipes we can finally let Jason take his Chevelle for a spin and he lays down some rubber with his fresh motor and transmission. We’re going to let him take it home and put some cruising miles on the car before he brings it back for us to throw on the dyno and see just how much power we’re able to squeeze out of this LS3! If you enjoyed this quick build, then make sure to subscribe, because we have a full overhaul on a 1970s SS Chevelle coming up! It’s getting a brand new chassis, suspension, and a wicked LSX motor to really put the muscle back in muscle car! We’re also going to be hammering back down on the Tesla swapped C10, getting it ready to tear apart all four wheels in some crazy burnouts!
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