Download How to install 8.8" 4:10 Ring & Pinion Guaranteed Quiet for your Mustang video & save it for offline view


Guaranteed quiet 410s. No gear set should make noise if correctly installed. This is the best process to get quiet 410s. If you need help use the comment section below or call Jeff / Automotive Instincts / 6236967302.

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These are my final specs
Backlash .008” (8-12)
Pinion shim .028”
Left side carrier shims .277”
Right side carrier shims .264”
Solid collar + shims .451”

Pinion nut torque 140ft.lbs.
Bearing cap torque 90ft.lbs.
Ring gear bolts 100ft.lbs.
Pinion preload (16-29in.lbs) 20in.lbs.
Diff cover bolts 24ft.lbs.

Ford Performance 410 gear set #24001G05SE
Ford Performance Install Kit /w High Torque Bearings #50511

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