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  • I’m wanting Yamaha to come out with a TURBO ski instead of supercharged, and I’ll buy a matching pair. Then again, I’ll most likely order any manufacturers ski with has Turbo instead of a supercharger.

  • Unfortunately don't see any of the manufacturers motivated enough to tool up a brand new larger displacement engine, which would be required for a true "horsepower war" imo. Yes they can increase boost a bit more with turbos etc but reliability would likely suffer, plus emissions regulation concerns etc. Don't see it happening, happy to be proven wrong. Some of us still care about Kawasaki though

  • Kevin! What doesn't make any sense tome, by U.S Coast Guard in U.S waters especially in the Great Lakes of Michigan you can't go any faster than 68 mph so why are they putting bigger engines in these Jetski's when you can't go over 68 mph I'm not into it for the speed I'm into it for a safe and nice ride with the power to do at least 65 mph and do some fishing as well. The Kawasaki's are very cool looking but they lack a few things that Sea Doo has that's more important to me, you know what I'm talking about and I think Sea Doo's is the leader of jetski's and everyone else follows them.

  • This is what I'm talking about hahahahahaha. Im interested in Kawasaki 🙂 But seriously I am interested in their off shore hull and all that new stuff. I might have to trade in my Seadoo for one of these new fancy Kawasaki's they are pretty nice. I'll be looking for them at the next boat show. Thanks Kevin.

  • I would love to test ride the new Kawasaki. Its amazing how different the handling caractaristics are on every ski. So far I'm a fan of only 1 other ski I have test ridden.

  • Hmm…Ok have the 2022 RXT on Preorder but…now I'm wondering if I should hold off and see who comes out with what in a year or two from now..this might get really, really interesting….and Yes had me looking at the New Kawasaki

  • I just recently put down on a 2022 GTX 300 Limited and now…
    Second thoughts.
    I do like the four cylinders for whatever reason and 60 extra horses? 👍
    I'm going to research that cooling system on both and see if Sea Doo has an advantage in saltwater where corrosion is concerned.
    I listened to your entire podcast Sunday… I'm going to listen to it again more intently tomorrow.
    That's a lot of money to be throwing down on a product especially sight unseen.
    Anyway, thanks for all the work and time you put into sharing these videos, I do appreciate it.

  • Kawi stepped up the entry level with the stx160 and now the new ultra has stepped up even more. They might take over as the biggest pwc seller but they are definitely going to take a bigger chunk out of seadoo and yamahas pocket.