Download HOW TO GET A LIFE BAN FROM A BURNOUT EVENT!!! video & save it for offline view


What happened at Narrogin Revheads last night is a clear example of an entrant ignoring Track officials instructions and putting their safety at Risk.

When you’re given clear instructions from Officials NOT to enter the Burnout Pad and you ignore those instructions you can be fairly certain the outcome is not going to be pleasant..

What happened at the end of the Burnout I’ll leave for you to comment on but I can certainly understand their frustration and anger at being ignored and put at risk.

I’ll let the video speak for itself but Jason Fletcher in RUCKUS can be seen clearly driving past officials under instruction not to enter the pad.

Thanks to Jarod Chisari for the additional footage and HUGE thankyou to Crystal for covering the event for me and getting a heap of videos to share.


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