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On this episode I discuss what to look for and how to find a clean foxbody mustang 5.0. I discuss the various items to look for when shopping for a foxbody, how to spot the problem areas, and what you should watch out for if you a shopping for a foxbody mustang. Depending on your level of experience, and your mechanical aptitude, this video is full of great tips and tricks that I personally use to find that one of a kind foxbody mustang.

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  • My 89 was in a fender bender before I bought it in 1995. My passenger fender does not have the VIN, but it does say "Ford DOT" on it, so at least it was a decent replacement panel. My 88 though… I can't check a single thing off your list, LOL. Great video, as always Bud!

  • Great content as always! Love be this channel! Was wondering, as my 87 is pretty much completely stock minus a flow master cat back system, what would you recommend as far as exhaust is concerned when these factory catalytic converters start going bad? Still have smog pump and O2 sensors and want to keep all that in place. Thank You in is still Speed Density as well.

  • love my California 1989 GT. bought it in 1996 3rd owner for 6k all original (flowmasters/k& Emerald Green)…even have the original turbines.

  • Can you do a video on the 1987 foxbody engine explaining every wire/hoses saying what they are and what they do? I would like to know what I need and what I can clean up and put aside since my car doesn’t have an ac compressor and I have some unconnected hoses laying in my engine bay!!

  • Stock block can handle just about 600 before splitting. Got mine from a land rover tech, good dude gave me tons of extra parts, car already had trick flow stage 2 top end kit installed everything else pretty original, one of those rare sellers, knew what he was doin proved it all with paperwork he gave me and we still talk a yr after i bought it from him. Helped me exchange a few lifetime warranty parts that had failed after i bought it from him, got very lucky.

  • First thing i look for is good panel alignment. If the gaps look strange or body lines dont line up, theres usually an underlying issue. Then ill check how the doors open and close, then go to the towers and then underneath.