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Using a 3D printed chassis I convert a Hot Wheels 55 Tuske Gasser into a slammed Hot Rod ready to cruise. A great amount of work went into making this work. The stock gasser is not made to have wheels inside the body as the body sits high. A good amount of chopping and grinding was necessary to make this casting into a roller. For a first attempt at converting one of these i’m pretty happy with the result. It is a roller and I now have a blueprint to do more in the future. A johnny lightning small block engine was used and fit perfectly. Sammed Wheels supplied by Shorters Diecast. Let me know what you all think down in the description and be sure to follow Robinsondiecastcreations on IG if you are interested in these bases for yourself.

Introduction animation – Matt Reeve
Introduction imaging – BP Custom Creations —
Introduction Music – Little Bubba B
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My name is Jay and this is my diecast creations channel. I created this channel to give value back to the community that provided me the information I needed when I started out in this hobby. I hope that these videos find you in good mind and bring a valuable experience to the time you have dedicated to watching them. Any and all feedback and criticism is always welcomed as this channel is a rolling work in progress. I hope you all enjoy what I have created. Thank you for all the support.

This channel and it’s videos is not suitable for children under the age of 14, I use dangerous tools, harmful chemicals and may swear from time to time.

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