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5 Reasons to avoid Transmission Flush
AMSOIL ATF for ALL Vehicles
Honda ATF
Toyota ATF
Ford AFT
Subaru ATF
Nissan ATF
Chrysler ATF
mobil 1
red line
royal purple

Best motor oil money can buy.
Full synthetic vs 100% synthetic, is there a difference?? 1 – 20,000 miles Motor Oil. 5 Facts about Mobil 1 annual protection motor oil
Amsoil vs Mobil 1 vs pennzoil vs castrol vs valvoline vs royal purple
Does synthetic motor oil burns???
Is AMSOIL oil best motor oil???

Simple way to check/replace WS ATF in TOYOTA/LEXUS
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  • I stopped using that red battery terminal protective spray. Every time a car came in that had this red stuff on the terminals, it got down inbetween the tight terminals and the post! Even if you clean the terminals and battery post and fully tighten the terminal, this red stuff seeps down in-between the the small cracks and crevices. Sticky goo of sorts, but it doesn’t do much more than paint from a spray can, which also seeps down in-beteen the terminal and post. Not a good idea.

    I’m also not sure those felt things work either. If they did work, you would think every car and battery manufacturer would include them. No car manufacturers use those felt things nor the red spray stuff.

    Keep the top of the battery clean and the cables and terminals tight and clean is about all you can do. Baking soda based spray battery terminal cleaner or just baking soda and water will neutralize the acid on the terminals and top of the battery.

    The main reason most aftermarket batteries leak acid on top where the original battery did not is because they simply leak! Aftermarket replacement battery terminals are also poor quality, but you buy whatever that is available and sometimes have no choice.

    The weight between a cheap battery like Walmart and the same sized Napa or Interstate battery is significant. The higher priced batteries have more lead and last longer. The cheap battery post are not as secure and can even break off the battery.

  • At one time I thought we were moving away from open batteries, batteries that have caps over the cell so you can check the acid ( water)
    in each cell. The water shouldn't be below the lead plates, if it is add distilled water (minerals in water will short the lead plates) . Gas stations used to check the water, oil, battery (water, acid), tires , and clean the windshield.

  • I charged up my mother's battery 7 months ago,topped it up slightly with de ionised water,was only low a smidge.6 months later it was flat!! Checked it,3 of the 6 cells were dry! It was fired/cooked! How strange is that? Just decided to get a new battery,i don't want my mother to be stranded. I,myself have a battery jump pack in my car.