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In this video, I’m sharing how to make a removable van conversion, as well as answering WHY you would want a removable van bed and furniture, WHAT makes a van conversion removable and HOW to do it.

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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Why would you want a removable van conversion?
0:33 – What makes a van conversion removable?
1:43 – How do you make a van conversion removable?
2:47 – Using van load rings
3:46 – Using the built-in screw threads

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I think the main reason to have a removable or modular van conversion would be that the van can be used for other purposes other than just as a camper van; whether that’s for work so you can empty the furniture out and put all your work gear in, or whether that’s just occasionally because you need to move house, you need to move some big items around.

So what makes a van conversion removable? Is it being able to get it back to the bare metal as when it came out of the factory? Or is it just being able to remove the furniture and free up the space in the van for other purposes.

In my roof beams here, I’ve put spray foam insulation in, covered it with carpet is permanent. Other methods, such as loft insulation or recycled plastic bottle insulation and foil bubble wrap insulation, provided they’re not stuck down with an adhesive, could easily be removed if that was needed in the future.

But certainly it’s possible to keep just the furniture removable, so that it can all be taken out if access is needed to certain parts of the van, or if the van is needed for another purpose.

So that leads us onto the question of how would you make a van conversion removable? Let me show you how I did it.

It all began in the design process. I didn’t want to completely commit my vehicle to being a camper full time, and so tried to come up with ways to make it removable, which also goes hand-in-hand with not attaching things directly into the framework of the van – so less permanent, but also less destructive.

To achieve this, I decided to work with what was already in the van, namely the load rings and built-in screw threads. Both of these are present in most vans, but I’ll be referring to NV200 as that’s what I’ve got!

There are 6 load rings in the Nissan NV200 that run along the sides of the van – 2 at the front, 2 in the middle and 2 at the back, and as their name suggests, they are purpose built to attach loads into the van, keeping them secure and keeping the vehicle – and its passengers – safe.

I’ve used 4 of these load rings in my van conversion. One at the front and back for the bed, and on the other side the middle and rear ones to attach the wheel arch storage box

On all four rings I got some turnbuckles, which are super strong and practical items, which hook onto the ring on one end, while the other end hooks onto metal eyes that I’ve screwed and epoxied into the furniture.

You could also use rope or straps in conjunction with the load rings, but don’t use bungees or anything with give in it, as they won’t hold things firmly.

The screw threads can be found all over the place on the NV200, but particularly on the walls and on the rear base of the front seats. Being built into the van, these are ideal to bolt into for solid fixing points

My main use of the screw threads has been the folding table unit, and I’ve used 5 high tensile M6 bolts to hold it to the wall. Like the bed and storage box, it’s very firmly attached.

I’ve also utilised the screw threads on the driver’s seat to create a small cupboard, to house smaller items and stop them rolling around in the van whilst driving, and have also put a bolt through the leg of the bed to provide an extra mounting point and a bit of extra peace of mind.

If you intend to convert a van, whether removable or not, always make sure that it’s done safely and securely, so that if the worst were to happen, you’re not putting yourself or others in any danger.

Back with my removal efforts, you can see that in under 10 minutes, most of my van can be removed!

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DISCLAIMER: In this video, I am in no way stating that this is the proper way to undertake the conversion of a van, however after research and experience using the van, I believe this to be the way that is best suited to my van and the way I intend to use it.

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