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In this video we show you, that all BMW motorbikes with the 6,5” TFT display offer lots of features that can enhance your riding experience. Simply navigate the content with the Multi-Controller and the MENU rocker button. In Pure Ride view everything you need for riding is available. Press the MENU rocker button down to change to Menu view. The operating pointers in the menu show whether and which interactions are possible. They are also available in submenus. Press down again to select the Menu.
The Multi-Controller can be tilted to navigate horizontal lists. To scroll, turn the Multi-Controller. Tilt right to select a menu point, turn the Multi-Controller to adjust settings like brightness. Tilt right to confirm them. Tilt left to go back. Checkboxes can be activated and de-activated by tilting right. Press the MENU rocker button up once to go back one level – and again for Pure Ride View. To get there, you can also press and hold the MENU button up. When not in a list, you change the volume by turning the Multi-Controller.
In Pure Ride View, short-press the Menu button up to toggle through vehicle info – displayed in the top status line of the TFT display. You can select these infos in the “Display” settings under “Status Line Content”.

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