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Wondering how to charge your electric car at home? The majority of EV charging occurs at home. In this video, we explain how charging your electric vehicle works and what options of chargers you have. From using your portable charger with a standard wall outlet to installing a dedicated home wall charger in your garage. We also cover the time taken for your EV to charge using the different types of chargers. Electric vehicle charging explained. EV charging 101. EV charging basics.

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00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Ways to charge
00:57 – EV’s efficiency
01:19 – Charging levels
01:41 – L1 charging
02:26 – L2 charging
03:02 – Single phase vs 3-phase
03:39 – Single phase
04:15 – 3-phase
05:53 – DC fast charging/rapid charging
06:48 – Type 1 (J1772) plug/connector
07:30 – Type 2 (Mennekes) IEC62196 plug/connector
08:10 – Which charger is right for you?
09:49 – 8A 3-pin portable charger
10:23 – 15A 3-pin socket
11:08 – Caravan plug/blue commando
11:54 – Wall charger
13:10 – Cost of charging
14:07 – Outro

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We are two driven Kiwis who are passionate about EVs. We will be debunking myths about EVs, sharing our EV journey and making it easier for people to understand the switch to EVs. Would appreciate your support on this journey if you find our content helpful.

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