Download How to change your wheels without a impact wrench. Changing to winter wheels. video & save it for offline view


Are you ready for winter? This is a very easy and short guide in how to swap your wheels. Hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katarina, I’m  25, and I’m an avid car enthusiast. I own a 1981 ford mustang. My 81 is a pretty much base notchback with the 200 inline 6, c4 automatic, and is pretty much bone stock (for now).. Also just acquired a 1978 Honda Civic that is a one owner 120k original km car that has sat since May of 1995. I pretty much live and breathe vehicles. Everything from muscle, imports, trucks, modern, old take your pick. I know a ton about cars due to a ton of research and working on the cars that I have.

Do you have a vehicle or collection of vehicles I can film? Contact me @katarinas.garage on instagram or my facebook page Katarinas Garage.

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  • I’ve got suggestion’s on how to do it the right way. Pulling upward using your back muscles is not the correct way to loosen the lugs. It’s not good for your back. Positional lug wrench to your left and with your left arm extended and your right arm holding the rent steady on the lugs, pushed downward with your left arm using your weight. Kind of the way you did when you’ve tightened them. Except your tightening position was wrong. If the wrench slipped off the lug you would have fell face first into the dirt, because you did not position your legs to keep you from falling. You must stand facing the wheel with one leg to the left of the wheel and one leg to the right of the wheel, making it impossible for you to fall if the wrench slipped off the lugs.