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In today’s video we’ll find out the weight of my 1978 Datsun 280z. How much more will it weigh than a 240z?

In today’s video we’ll be bringing a little clarity to the age-old discussion on how heavy a Datsun 280z weighs. For a long time enthusiasts have toted the 280z as the overweight brother of the Datsun 240z, and there are some legitimate arguments for that, but I wanted to find out the true weight of my build and compare it with what you read on the internet.

My datsun 280z has had a pretty substantial list of modifications over the years and those modifications certainly effect the weight of the car. A short list of modifications that may influence the weight are the Techno Toy Tuning coilover conversion front and rear, the Techno Toy Tuning Big Brake kit front and rear, my aftermarket wheels and tires, a limited slip differential, and a fully decked out custom interior build, and removing the old 280z front and rear bumpers. This car also has dynamat on every interior panel and substantial sound-deadening fabric under the carpet.

If I had to guess, I would hope that our Datsun 280z would be a little lighter than it came from the factory, but I really had no idea what the final number would be – check out the video to find out!

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