Download Honda Talon axle repair for $130, how to fix 1000R 1000X 1000X-4 1000R-4 video & save it for offline view


How to repair/fix your honda talon axles!

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  • As always, thank you Russ. I'll be replacing the "not a dct shifting" parts very soon (although it does sound similar lol)! I couldn't be happier with your how-to videos! Happy early turkey day to you and yours!

  • thanks for the videos russell. im in ont.canada. had the talon for 1.5 now and loving it. you put more km on yours during the continental divide run then i will in the next 2 years. so far i found the talon to be good over all. its ok in the mud, its ok on the rocks. my bro has a can am maverick and i do find i could use a real locker in the front sometimes. other then that love the talon. so far i have kept i close eye on the things you have mentioned and no problems so far, i think im at just over 1500kms. got a recall for the fuel pump that i still need to take it in for but other then that. love it. thanks for the vids. been a subscriber for awhile now