Download HERE'S WHAT I BROKE….. HOW TO ACCESS YOUR C5 CORVETTE SHIFTER video & save it for offline view


What’s going on family? So I took a look at the car and so far it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
I made this an instructional video as well.
To skip over the center console removal, jump to 7:05.

As always, I appreciate you all watching. Enjoy!!
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  • gah damn homie, you been ripping that bitch. you must be a lot stronger than you look. haha. those bolts might have loosened up and finally tore the threads out, there are some locking screws at the top that hold the mounting screws tight, maybe they weren't tight, it has nothing to do with adjusting the clutch. im gonna double check mine this weekend. you might contact mgw about this, it could be a first.

  • It’s not going into 1st, or 2nd gear, because it’s not lined up correctly. When it wouldn’t go into 1st gear it’s because it’s still moving around not lined up correctly. Screw in correct hardware, that fits tight, and make sure the shifter doesn’t move while your shifting. No need to buy a new shifter. Just get correct bolts, and line up the shifter properly.

  • Definitely a Hurst. Not a bad shifter. But you need 4 bolts definitely! Shifter screws in the actual unit might need ajusting because they are lock out screws for drag racing. Full seat those flush then get those 4 bolts and you good. Nothing past that point seems in harm. Don't sell it G. Little issues will pop up on any 20 year old car. You will not find another car this fun in this price point anywhere.

  • LOC-TITE I thought you had you clutch serviced back a few months ago ? ! I like what you've been posting but that old saying is RESPECT IT and It will respect you 🤔 just saying NO DIS- RESPECT. YOU MUST WORK ON YOUR SHIFT TIMING. every missed shift causes damage. Those bolts backed out. But I sure your car Vibrates alot . Plus you talked bad about your baby she's upset. It's fast and loud .BAD ASS. Keep it 👌 . You now have another story to tell.😎

  • If probably see if there’s a torc spec on the bolts that are missing. Looks like someone broke one and didn’t get the other two tightened because they where scared to break more off.

  • When I bought mine the shifter would stick left and right when I check to make sure Im in neutral. It would stay there if I didnt pull it back to the center. I watched a vid on here that broke it down in detail. I adjusted it, and it springs back to center on its own like it should. Did that over a year ago, about 4,000 miles, and it still works perfectly. It has a hole for alignment, it is a stock shift mechanism. Im not sure about the Hurst though. Cant hurt to look. I knew how everything worked in there before I went at it after watching the videos. Good luck with it. I would bet thats the only problem. I hope so, a few bolts wont break the bank. Previous owner may have put that back on with only two bolts.

  • Adjust the shifter… 1st put the shifter in neutral ..loosen those 2 big torx bolts and the torx bolts on the linkage… infront of the shifter there should be a lil hole where you can fit in a allen key and it will perfectly adjust the shifter then tighten everything up put a lil lock tite on the bolt that sits in the linkage so it wont move and torque the bolts appropriately … i just gave you a lil summery but google how to do it , its real simple