Download Fixing code p0300/How to test spark plugs with AUTOOL SPT101 Spark Plug Tester/why my engine misfire video & save it for offline view


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Get the AUTOOL SPT101 Spark Plug Tester :

In todays video i will be showing you how to Fixing code p0300, and what causes this code to to turn on the check engine light
it will also be related to the codes as well

there are 3 main reasons for this code to come on
1. Faulty ignition coil or wire
2. Clogged or dirty fuel injectors
3. Bad spark plugs

How do i know if my spark plugs are bad ?
For that im gonna show you How to test spark plugs with AUTOOL SPT101 Spark Plug Tester so you can identify why my engine misfire

How to check ignition coils:
cleaning and testing Fuel Injections:

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  • I change my spark plugs every year as preventive and periodic maintenance. You can't go wrong with double platinum spark plugs. Thanks for the review, I might consider buying one.