Download 2018 or Newer Ford Expedition – How to Install a Hideaway Strobe Light in Reverse Lens video & save it for offline view


This video will show you how to install hideaway strobe lights within the reverse lens of a 2018 or newer Ford Expedition. The example vehicle in our shop is a 2020 Expedition Limited.

First, you can remove the tail lights by disassembling the trim panel. There are a few clips to keep the rubber piece in place and once you remove the rubber piece, you can access the 10mm bolts to remove the rest of the assembly from the vehicle. Then you can remove the 7mm bolt to detach the trim piece from the taillight. You will see that once the trim panel is removed, you can then access the reverse lens. Watch the video to see where to drill the hole for your hideaway light. You can use either a low dome or a high dome LED HAW DUO for this installation.

Once the hideaways are installed, you can use RTV silicone to seal everything in place, run your wiring into the vehicle and then re-install the taillights on your vehicle. There are a few options to run your wiring into the Expedition.

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